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Club Constitution   [download]


Club Bylaws   [download]


Membership Certificate  [download]

Roster for Tuesday W7TD Net (new 11/06/19)  >>> [download]

Preamble for Tuesday Net (new 10/17/19)  >>>  [download]


NOTE, the above roster ^^^^ is in a new format as of 8/1. The Cover Page has the normal script for the beginning and ending of the Net Checkin process.


The now separate roster is alphabetized by city, then alphabetized by call sign suffix.  The intent of this is to make it significantly easier to do early and late check-ins - -  no need for names,  just city and call sign suffix.  For instance if I did an early checkin, I'd just say Wenatchee K7RBC then you go to the Wenatchee listings and find RBC in the alphabetized column.  I tried this format out on 7/30 and it really is easier.  


Remember you can run the Net any way you want, if you want to start at the bottom an go up or want to mix it up feel free to do so.  If you want to take 5 or 10 early check in's, it's your call.  Only thing is to make it clear you are taking one at a time and to sort of "stand in line" for your turn. 


This is a test, if you have comments or suggestions, please send them to me or Jim K7MQV.



 Rich K7RBC