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Becoming a ham is easier than you think!

Now that the morse code requirement has been dropped for all license classes the hobby has seen considerable growth.  In the U.S. there were over 970,000 licensed amateurs at the end of 2010.

We are here to help you join the ranks.

The first license level is Technician.  There is one test to take that consists of 35 multiple choice question taken from the Element 2 question pool.  The club has study material that can be borrowed, and if there is enough interest classes can be set up.

Once you are ready our club has a W5YI testing team that can administer the test.  Our VE (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator) information:

VEC - Skip Frans, KE7MPO
cell:  253-951-7036

For more license information please contact us or find out more on the web:

ARRL - Getting your techncian license

Study Guides

K4IA Craig Buck - The Easy Way, just study the right answers.  Tech General Extra guides.

KB6NU No Nonsense - Q & A with outstanding explanations, written like prose.


Practice test sites:

AA9PW.COM - Practice Tests - Offers a "Learn CW" option too - Practice Tests - free - Practice Tests - Option to Practice seeing correct answers only - Practice Tests - Option to practice seeing correct answers only

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