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Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)




Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

Our Chelan/Douglas ARES/RACES team is currently accepting applications for more HAMS to join our team.  We are looking for:

     1. Any HAM that is willing to get called out in an emergency and set up a radio station where needed.  That could include the County EOC, Red Cross, Hospital, or other locations.

     2. HAM's willing to call in to our Net (Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM), State Emergency Nets, and if possible, check in on the State Winlink Net (and learn now to be proficient in Winlink.).


     3.  HAM'S Willing to get an Emergency Worker card, which includes taking FEMA's ICS 100, ICS 200 & ICS 700.

     4.  Those who are willing to train with others in ARES/RACES and CCVSAR.

     5.  Radio operators interested in enhancing their radio skills and using them to make our team more versatile to Chelan County Sheriff's Office or Douglas County Sheriff's Office



Many of our current members are also members of Chelan County Volunteer Search and Rescue, on our AdCom (communications) team.

Chelan Douglas ARES/RACES trains and works with CCVSAR AdCom.  Most of our members are registered for ARES, RACES, and CCVSAR.  Radio skills are easily transferrable between the Public Service bands and Amateur bands.  We get more training experience working SAR missions. Often where a Public Service Repeater may lose coverage, an Amateur radio repeater can fill that gap.

Those who are on the team do not have to hike! We are responsible for: check out of hiking gear, running the radios, and keeping a communization log; bringing out the Mobile Command Post and running; or, bringing out your own vehicle to run communications.  We work directly with the Incident Commander, so the SAR base runs smoothly.

To join, you must: 

1. Apply to be an Emergency Worker, Click HERE for the form.

2. Submit also an ARES'RACES application.  Click HERE for the form.

For more information contact:

     Laura Kozma                                                        Matt Kozma


     ARES Emergency Coordinator                               ARES Assistant Emergency Coordinator 


                                   RACES Officer of Chelan County


     CCVSAR  AdCom Unit Leader                               CCVSAR Dog Unt Leader                                  

     (509) 860-6777                                                        (509) 860-823


Click HERE  

to download the schedule of events planned, 

weekly, monthly and yearly. 














On June 1st 2019,  some ACARC members joined together with a group sponsoring a motorcycle rally out of Cashmere.  It was almost an all day affair and called upon our members to use some special skills to support the rally and to ensure good communications to keep track of the riders and to ensure the rider's safety.  

Click HERE to read about the interesting background, events, and outcome; 

an article crafted by Jim Wonn K7MQV.  

ARES RACES EOC Exercise 20191207.jpg
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