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     Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) 

     Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)


Chelan and Douglas Counties have a combined ARES/RACES group. ARES consist of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.  RACES is a radio communications service, conducted by volunteer licensed amateurs, designed to provide emergency communications to local or state civil preparedness agencies.   RACES is activated by the Chelan County Sheriff's Office Emergency Management division.

To join you must:

1. Apply to be an emergency worker, Click HERE for the form.

2. Submit also an ARES/RACES application.  Click HERE for the form.

For more information contact:

      Laura Kozma  

        ARES Emergency Coordinator & RACES OfficerBChelan and Douglas Counties

        (509) 860-6777



































































































On June 1st 2019,  some ACARC members joined together with a group sponsoring a motorcycle rally out of Cashmere.  It was almost an all day affair and called upon our members to use some special skills to support the rally and to ensure good communications to keep track of the riders and to ensure the rider's safety.  

Click HERE to read about the interesting background, events, and outcome; 

an article crafted by Jim Wonn K7MQV.  

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             FIELD DAY 2020 PROCEDURES.                   

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