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Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
For more information contact:
Laura Kozma
Chelan/Douglas ARES RACES Emergency Coordinator at (509) 860-6777 or​

The club has received the below request for assistance from Bob Smith ( who is organizing the  COMM TEAM  for this year's race, starting in Easton, WA.  The event needs more Ham Radio volunteers.  Radio operators are spread out every 10 miles over the 100 miles of the race to pass info and help in possible emergencies.  Got more questions? Recommended reading Comm Support for Race Events located in the EVENTS tab, plus check out the Cascade Crest 100 website by clicking HERE.  

IMPORTANT:  Bob Smith requests that all Ham Radio volunteers contact him directly and do not sign up on the event web site.

Wilderness Protocol for Emergencies

If you are a person who is an explorer, a wilderness lover whether on foot or in a vehicle, this is for you.
In an Emergency and to prolong the life of your radio's battery, see this information.  Could be a life saver.  Thanks to Larry Backstrom N7ART for this link.

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