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Ham Cram  4/18-19/21


So many thanks to the members of ACARC who gave of their weekend time to ensure the success of this Ham Cram. 

      KA7ZDL      President Sal Spagnole

      KE7MPO     Vice President and VEC Skip Frans

      N7BUK         Dave Bauer

      K7MQV        Jim Wonn

      K7ISC           VE  Dan Whaley

      K7JEW          VE  Jex Whaley

      K7RBC          VE  Rich Cronin

      K7VP             VE  Ron Hatton

      KB7ALI         VE  Marie Mcoy

      N7JA                Jim Allyn  

The Welcome screen that kicked off the 2 day process.  
The "Welcome Aboard" briefing, what to expect? Schedule?
Where's the bathroom? Where to park? Message from the Northwest Overland director.  Welcome to the facility from the Legion Past Commander.  Introduction to ACARC staff.  Rules and Regs of the process, etc.  
Let the instruction begin, lower the lights, open door for fresh  air and get down to business for a day and a half.
Subject Matter Experts Skip. Sal, and Dave get it going.
IMG_3890 2.JPG
Long hours behind the desk. Saturday from 9 - 3, Sun 9-12. Then add on the prep time, the practice time, the equipment trouble-shooting time, the set-up and tear-down time and more...    Not an easy venture at all.
Alright, the time for talk and answering and explaining is over.  Time to read the questions and circle what one hopes is the correct answer.  Everyone made it.
IMG_3893 2.JPG
IMG_3896 2.JPG
Part of the VE "police force" making sure everything stays honest. (Unarmed).
20210418_085951 copy.jpg
Jex discussing the paperwork flow and making sure all "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed.  Lots must be done right.
VE's and test-correction staff at work checking, double checking, and triple checking answer sheets.
IMG_3910 3.JPG
Team Ron Hatton and Marie McCoy.
IMG_3906 3.JPG
Team Dan Whaley and Jim Allyn.
IMG_3913 3.JPG
The 7 new Technicians who are so VERY HAPPY to be able to drive their 2-3 hour commutes home knowing it was a great day and they accomplished something they wanted very badly.  A HAM license.  They were all very thankful to the Ham Club,  the Legion and the Northwest Overland organization.  Good on 'ya all.
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