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The Dryden Gun Club on Friday Aug 10th.

In the process of setting up table, deciding on seating configuration and placement of screen and projector, placing instructors seating and where to put water and other things.  Then to sort out and find the few upholstered chairs we need for student comfort.  There will be a lot of "seat time" so that is important. Got to cover the windows.


Skip and Dave hooking up the electronics, the projector and the sound system.

Saturday the 11th, Classes begin.

Dan Cronin, to the left of the screen, President of Northwest Overland, welcomes the prospective HAMS to the Licensing Weekend.  The classroom is all set up, the electronics are operating flawlessly and the training event is launched.


The Instructors, Dave, Sal, and Skip make the introductions and the classes get going.


Club configuration and screen placement give all 13 students clear sight of the training materials.  


Let the presentations begin, there is a lot to review in the day and the next morning. Intense.

Sunday the 12th, the Review is over, it is approaching 11:30.

The prospective Hams await the distribution of the tests after filing in paperwork.  Nervous.


Testing going full bore.  You could hear a pin drop --- except for the low key drone of mental gears grinding.  


Fast Forward, the testing is over, everyone is now on pins and needles waiting to see the results of their intensive session.  Did I make it or not?  Nerves, nerves, nerves.


To be precise, the grading and authenticating of 15 tests takes time and mistakes are not a part of the process.  Had to do a couple of re-tests which lengthened the necessary wait.


The paperwork starts to pile up, many things to keep track to make sure of accuracy.  Skip, Jex, and Danny working the problem as Sal starts to wrap up the "control center"


Most of the results are in, just must keep everything in order and legal.  So the greatest result of all time (well, maybe only this weekend) was EVERYONE  passed their TECH test and there were two successful upgrades - one to GENERAL, one to EXTRA.  Don't get no better.  What an incredibly great weekend for the Northwest Overlanders and for the incredible work put in by the Apple City Amateur Radio Club.  There were SO many others from the club who were not captured in the camera, but the effort was spectacular.  Be very proud.



The Final Result of the session was....

     NEW TECHS                                          Call Signs a/o 8/22 

          Richard Stewart            Tacoma               NWOL            KJ7AHI

            Kam Brian Botteron      Mill Creek            NWOL            KJ7AHF

            Guy Miner                      Wenatchee         NWOL            KJ7AGY

            William J. Maher            Puyallup              NWOL            KJ7AHA

            Sean Gale                      Wenatchee         NWOL            KJ7AHE

            Rodney Curtis                Puyallup              NWOL            KJ7AHD

            Thoai Nguyen                Tacoma               NWOL            KJ7AHC

            Gerald Ergler                 Cle Elum              NWOL             KJ7AHK

            Jacob Specht                 Wenatchee         Chelan Co. SAR  KJ7AHG

            Leona Walter                  Belfair                 NWOL            KJ7AGZ       

            Kristal Kravik                  Puyallup              NWOL            KJ7AHB

            John L. Glover Jr.           Seattle                NWOL            KJ7AHJ

            Mark Mischke                 E. Wenatchee    NWOL            KJ7AHH


              Aaron Kravik                   Puyallup             NWOL           KG7CFQ


           Richard Cronin                  Wenatchee           ACARC/NWOL  K7RBC

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