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ACARC monthly meeting Oct 6th in the Library.  
A lot of important business and planning is accomplished at our meetings, it would be sincerely appreciated if more members could make an effort to attend for just 90 minutes a month.  Consider it please.  Thanks.


R to L, Kevin Hansen, Skip Frans, Rich Cole, Jack Bittner, Laura Kozmer, Bill "Smitty" Smith.

Jack and Smitty are from Bellingham.  Jack knows the fellow who supplies the radios, Smitty runs the winter Special Olympics here in Wenatchee.  They have been involved with the winter Special Olympics since 1992.  Great guys.  Kevin, Jack, and Laura ran the radios. Skip and Rich are skiing runners collecting run sheets and relieving race course spotters and timers as requested.  They also did other odd jobs as requested by Smitty or course leaders.                                                                                                             3/5/18

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