Before we get started, just wanted to honor one of our very old friends who is leaving the area (but will still be watching our website). Sad to see you BOTH depart, Gary Nelson and your beautiful wife Marga. Gary got his license WA7BRB in - get this - 1951 !! 
This next photo below is of our friend K7EVL, Bob Lathrop who began the hobby in 1954
W7NTD Roy Baumgart on the air since 1955.
Next is  W7HDD Al Hagen - on the air since 1957.
Below is Jim Klein K7RDX on the air since 1963.
Here's Donna Roduner N7IIS hitting the airwaves since 1981
Below is Rich Cole, N7PZT, licensed in 1989
Here's VP and VEC Skip Franz KE7MPO. License earned in 1997.
Melody Franz KE7MPP also licensed since 1997.
Bud Coffman K7BCR began his Ham hobby in 2007.  Great looking Ham Shack, Bud..
KJ7RJT Dwayne Roduner picked up the hobby in 2018, welcome Dwayne
Also starting out in 2018 was Dave Herald KI7UUQ.