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Treasurer, Stacey KB7YS, President Sal KA7ZDL, Secretary Doug K7DEG in place getting the meeting going.   Vice President Skip KE7MPO not here  because he is up on Mission Ridge helping with our responsibilities during Special Olympics Weekend, along with many other club members.

Jim Wonn K7MQV presentng the idea of adding a page to our web that will offer many different kinds of help to club members by connecting them to  "experts" or experienced folks who can  assist with problems, from simple to complex.  it's the  "Got A Problem?" page that is being crafted right now.  Members response to this idea was very enthusiastic.


Steve KB6ZSB, Stacey, and Ron WA4BDY discussing a great little Morse Code practice device after the meeting was adjourned. 


Steve and Stacey are joined by Jim and Sam KI7CDG as interest in the code device draws more lookers and try-it-out'ers.  Amazing piece of equipment.


Device Closeup.


If nothing else will convince you to come to the great club meetings, there's always these little babies calling your name. Mmmmm good.  Must have sugar!!!

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