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The Apple City Amateur Radio Club is the premier amateur radio club in North Central Washington.

We are involved in all areas of the amateur radio world.  This includes providing emergency radio communications in times of need, and radio communications for the Special Olympics.  The club also provides amateur radio training and testing. 

If you have any questions or would like more info on the club or amateur radio please feel free to E-mail us. Address bottom of this page.

We are a non profit organization.


                                      CURRENT OFFICERS 

President                                                 Vice President                  
Sal Spagnole - KA7ZDL                           Ron Hatton K7VP

Secretary                                                Treasurer
Doug Gardner - K7DEG                           Stacey Kirkpatrick - KB7YS


Trustee #1                                               Trustee #2
Jim Wonn K7MQV                                    Danny Whaley K7ISC


Trustee #3                                               Past President

Bob Kimbrell  W0AO                                John Lathrop - N7RHY

                       COMMITTEE LEADS

Special Olympics - 2023 TBD

Hamfest JUNE 11 - 2023 Skip Frans KE7MPO 

Field Day JUNE 24-25, 2023 - Jim Allyn N7JA - Cnx

ARES RACES Coordinator - Laura Kozma - W7LMK


Membership - open

Historian - Doug Miller  W7RUC

Got a Problem? - Jim Wonn - K7MQV

Yard Sale - 2023 TBD

Website - Doug Gardner K7DEG, Rich Cronin K7RBC, Jim Wonn K7MQV, Tony Muma KI7KK

                Special Recognition to Marie McCoy KB7ALI who initiated                   Web Modernization.



If you would like to join our club please submit an application (link below) with the appropriate dues amount.  Dues: $15 /year initial member + $6 /year each additional family member

Note - Dues are payable each December, paying for the next full year. 

Any dues questions please use the  information below to contact us.

Click here for your membership application

Club Repeaters:

146.68  ( - offset  /  156.7 )
53.390  ( - 1.700 offset  /  100.0)

Weekly Club Nets:

Monday 10 meter gathering

8pm on 28.375

(freq open to all license classes)


Tuesday Night Net
8pm on Club 2 meter repeater


Thursday Night Rag Chew

8pm on Club 2 meter repeater

If you have question please contact us using the club e-mail address.



E-Mail Address -

Mail - 
PO Box 5283
Wenatchee, WA  98807

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