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Well below is a collection of links to sites that may blast you out of your doldrums - maybe.  Explore Away, you poor souls.


OK, for starters try:

1.  Mr. Carlson's Lab - Instructions and Radio Repair Galore-

2.  Ham Radio Concepts, Eric KJ7YZI, Educational, Investigative, Explanatory Info,

3.  From Sal KA7ZDL Ham Nation - Share in the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters with hosts Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett

4.  From Ron K7VP. - Here are some websites for looking at HF conditions and just listening in on HF. These are SDR (Software Defined Radios) which are hosted on the internet. Very easy to use.

     4A.  A whole list of sites.,1,liYoOzT3SvrM6uKJR3NBAG1owrRJ6OpIPP9UE5U0Zg2MD-43QgNhzmZmLBL9eXQynTTdzVNbUJSpAP-Lvu-FaBs8wgRvRT5_ok1Rfh08RvXj40tfUajz&typo=1    

     4B.  A whole list of sites:,1,M5MdU5pEC1do1M6I7a4qUn1PWV_5aoPqvRVSuzKVmQbGu7z3ZTonlZt_yyibzvVPZbUmcC_QMHnnKUB0TcfcGQMNWs7WXUceJaauZOJFASez3Q,,&typo=1      

     4C.  NE Pennsylvania using G5RV antenna:,1,BJ_7xVsfrqlGYeRUDwu_E83FuVtCjTLFxB8IkqtP3Ipa36Ve0lPFPxGSAC1oOMGeyGCfStsRW4JxYJcOUMAbqhIRCLhxddt28uP2PAFydK3mD99NbPtyP5y&typo=1    

     4D. 5 listings with SDRs in Calif/AZ/UT/WASH DC,1,NuW9M7xlAbDKK7ICtvp1ZA2F71QkdSJ3ZTvqcTxTMdysvFpMNhLsPTCsABOP1axQl8gw97rFAXtNErr8JHDfS0rYpfeYM0Us4TdqjTaB&typo=1                  

     If you need more, search for SDR websites.

5. Receiving Slow Scan TV (SSTV) from the International Space Station. Michael KB9VBR 

6.  Ham Radio Portable and RaDAR. Bob KK4DIV

7.  Raspberry Pi Build for Ham Radio, Part 1. Jason KM4ACK

8.  Using CHIRP to program a HT.  Dave KE0OG with links to tons more great videos.

9.  YAESU FT-4x Review, Baofeng Killer?.  Josh KI6NAZ

10. From Sal KA7ZDL Amateur Logic TV with George and Tommy - Hundreds of topics.

11.  6m copper pipe antenna - SQUALO - a square halo omni by Chris K2CJB in PA.

12.  For your computer, 24 hr clock, timer, stopwatch, etc. Many options, Interesting, Well done.

13.  From Sal KA7ZDL, To see how Hams in England are handling this lockdown, watch this.

14,  From Sal KA7ZDL, Web Magazine called NUTS AND VOLTS,  Projects galore.  WoW.

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