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The Apple City Amateur Radio Club of Wenatchee is offering:
FCC Amateur Radio License
Testing Opportunities    
at the Northwest Overland Rally
In Plain, WA. September 3 -6 
The plan is to offer four testing sessions in the early mornings and late afternoons of Friday and Saturday.  These times lessen interference in other rally events such as trips and evening bonfires.  
ALL must bring Photo ID; if upgrading, bring copy of your license. 
$14 fee for testing/monitoring/administration.  (Cash preferred).
Sign up below
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Finally, Click on your test day/time preferences for all 4 sessions.

When done, hit SUBMIT button.

                     FRIDAY                                                                 SATURDAY      

      AM                                  PM                                                 AM                                 PM

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After you are signed up, you can double-check to make sure you are registered. To avoid privacy concerns, you will only be seeing your First Name and the Initial of your Surname and City.  To make changes email: 



Click HERE to see the list of sign-ups we have recorded.  Information seen will lag the SUBMIT button by as much as 12 hours because it is done manually for the sake of your privacy. Patience.

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