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                     SEPTEMBER 10th Board Meeting On-Air @ 1830                  

The AUGUST Club Meeting will be a W7TD On-Air Directed Net    Conference - 8/1, 9:00 to 10:00. 


Here is a link to an ominous article by the IEEE entitled 

The Uncertain Future of HAM Radio.

​Several Rabbit Hunts are in the planning stages. Patience.

Finally (If all goes well, but still looks doubtful) our annual September picnic will be greatly expanded to include prizes and catered food, plus more.

1.                   Emergency Communication update:

As of July 8, 2020 both the Cascade Crest 100 and the Teanaway Country 100 foot races, usually held in late August and early September, have sadly been officially canceled for 2020 due to COVID virus concerns. Normally, these are two great events where ham radio operators can volunteer to apply their unique skills and equipment to assist with race coordination and enhance overall event safety. Unfortunately, we will now have to wait until next year to participate in this public service emergency communication volunteering opportunity. You may be interested in an article by Jim K7MQV which describes his experience volunteering for both of these 100 mile races in 2019. 

2.  See another new offering on the SWAP & SHOP page. 6/7


3.  Note <<<< new page called "BORED?" with Links to interesting sites/blogs/etc.       Want to add some of YOUR favorite interesting sites?  Mail to swabby57@nwi.net

4.  To view the latest news from ARRL, click HEREor QRZ, click HERE.

5.  The (2) $50 certificates have been awarded but there is more.  Next month The club will be raffling off a Pelican Box clone good for making your own GO-BOX. Catch? Yep. To be eligible for this gift, you MUST be a Club Member whose dues are current for 2020, no exceptions.  You do not have to be "present" to win, but your dues must be paid.  See your status on the member spreadsheet in the MEMBERS ONLY area.  

The WINNER of the July $50 ARRL certificate is

Colin Kozma K7CJK. Congrats. 

The WINNER of the August $50 ARRL certificate is

Steve Foley, K7HO. Congrats also.

6.  The club has restarted the Monday Lunches at the local

ABBY's on 5th and Western at about 11:45-ish.  The establishment is

arranged to sit 4 at a table, no salad bar but you can order a salad, no

dispenser drinks, but bottles available.  Not quite back to normal yet

but on the way.  Come on by, it's a bit strange but better than isolation.

The Donut
Data Deposit
If you "attend" our Saturday
 on-air club meeting, 
please enter 
your Call Sign 
in the box to the left and then 
click on the SUBMIT

  Click HERE to read  about the tinySA  

  from Jim Alyn N7JA   

His description, experience, and analysis of the equipment starts thus:


"For the past several months, I have been beta testing the tinySA, that is, the tiny Spectrum Analyzer. 


If you’re familiar with the NanoVNA, the tinySA is exactly the same size, approximately 3.5 inches by 2.2 inches, with ascreensize of 2.8 inches. The tinySA has two bands, one from basically DC to 350 MHz. The second band covers from 240 MHz to 960 MHz. The second band is basically extra functionality thrown in for free, and doesn’t have the same performance as the lower band."

...read and see more when you click on the above 'HERE"


OK, who the heck are these people, what's the story, and who's the photobomb dude on the right?  Well the whole drama is revealed below.  Something this Club has never been involved in before just like this - and it might not ever happen again.  
Ya never know.
The story from KE7MPO, Skip, our illustrious VP/VEC follows.
"One of my soap boxes with PNW4WDA (Pacific NW 4 Wheel Drive Association) for the past several years has been to get people to get their Ham License. A few years ago we did NWOL. If I remember correctly 25 people passed the exam. We even had an upgrade to Extra:-D. 

Each time this year I typically go to Summer Trail Jam out of Naches, WA. Due to the COVID crap it was cancelled. A number of us went out and had a great time off roading. We did our best to maintain social distancing. 

One of the request was: would I host a test session? I got in touch with Mark Tharp KB7HDX (Vice Director for the ARRL NW Division) who lives in Yakima to see if he would assist. Of course he volunteered. So Thursday night, July 9 at 6pm we had 7 candidates by 7 pm we had 7 new Technicians. Mark said he thought this was the first VE session in Naches 

Left to RIght: Jay Enbody, Mike Campion, Keith Chapman, Mark Robinson, Camille Larson, John Kapelski, and Rob Stafford. Not sure who the guy is that photo bombed so I included a picture I took. They all live in the Tacoma/Puyallup area. 2 are already talking about getting their General and 3 others will be studying for their Tech 

Examiners were: 
C Jo Whitney KA7LJQ 
Mark Tharp KB7HDX 
Skip Frans KE7MPO 

Bad part: I've been asked if we can do it next year at Summer Trail Jam.  Hmm, the things I get myself into."  


As of 6/29/20 only 65 of our 103 members are paid up.

Check your status on the MEMBERS ONLY  page.


​Dues for club membership are payable each December for the next calendar year: January - December, prorating no longer available.   Last paid information has been added to the (private) MEMBERS ONLY list, in the right hand column of that page.  

One of the most regular and well-attended events that ACARC sponsors is our Tuesday night Net Check-ins.  Just to give you an idea of the activity this year, see the spreadsheet below.  A greater number of people are involved here than in our Club Meetings - or just about anything else we do. 
Weekly updates are especially important during these times of change and instantaneous re-arrangement. 
You are welcome to join in the Net formally, or perhaps just listen in to the announcements on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm - if nothing else just so you can keep up to speed on events happening - or not happening - or dates changing. 
U  P  D  A  T  E 
Joel K7ZR...
...has provided the club with a new (12/4/19) annotated list of area repeaters giving us more current and detailed info than you will see in The Repeater Book; click HERE to check out the .pdf file. 

Club Repeaters:

146.680  ( - offset  /  156.7 )

53.390  ( - 1.700 offset  /  118.8 )

Weekly   Nets: 

Monday 10 meter gathering 

       8pm on 28.375

Tuesday 6 meter gathering

7:15 pm on 50.140 USB

Tuesday Night Club Net

8pm on Club 2 meter repeater 


Next Board Meeting:

SEP 10 - 6:30 pm
Board Members 

On the Air


Next Club Meeting: 

Sept 12 - 9:00 am

On the Air

W7TD Repeater


Map to location is HERE.

Park HERE,

Enter HERE.

Contact Information: 

Email: applecityarc@gmail.com

Postal: PO Box 5283

Wenatchee, WA  98807


  Upcoming Club Events

Click on

<<< EVENTS to see what is scheduled throughout this year.

!!! Net Controls Needed !!!
If interested please email the club address.  Running the Net usually takes only a half hour around once a month or so.  Lessons and instruction available, there is a written script to follow -- it really is easy and fun.

acarc NEW LicensES

scorecard  a/o 2/26/20

Thanks to our VEC and ve's

   tech  general  extra

     2020         9          0            0

     2019          7          5            2

     2018        27          2            2

Challenge Coins

We still have our 50th HamFest Challenge coins for sale @ $5.00 Contact Doug Gardner at (509) 630-5940 or E-mail Doug.sandie.gardner@gmail.com