One of the first steps in planning this year's hamfest is establishing the basic event parameters: date, time, location, program, prizes, admission, etc. The 2020 Hamfest plan aims to follow last year's blueprint—why mess with success?

The latest revision of the 2020 event poster is shown below. You will see it's just a marked up copy of last year's poster. The items that need to be finalized are circled in red--

  1. The date will be revised to June 12, 13, and 14, 2020.

  2. The Grand Prize will be discussed and approved by the membership at the next club meeting (February 29).

  3. Need to decide if there will be a charge for lunch.

  4. Saturday Dinner--The Saturday dinner is proposed to read: "5pm Dinner--Main Dish provided by the famous Country Boys BBQ / Potluck salads & deserts / beverage & condiments available (Price: $XX with paid admission)". The price for dinner needs to be finalized and approved at the Feb. 29 club meeting.


The circled items will be addressed at the February 27 board meeting, and the club membership will vote approval at the next club meeting on February 29. After that the final version of the 2020 ACARC Hamfest poster will be ready for printing.

Jim, K7MQV

Feb. 7, 2020